How to make your excuses from a disappointing date – Metro

BeLoveCurious Founder & Relationship Therapist Helen Rice offers a simple tip to journalist Helen Croydon on how to make a decent escape from a disappointing date.

Why not offer some honest and helpful feedback to your companion instead of resorting to the little white lie. It’s OK to say “Sorry, I’m just not into you …” in a way that’s compassionate and kind. The upside here is that it will probably leave them and you feeling much more positive about yourself than a sneaky fib would.

Belovecurious - metro - escape a dodgy date

Ask yourself – Would I like to hear what I’m about to say?  Then let them know what’s not working for you here. You might say “I like you but I don’t think we are on the same page … politically/ musically/ culturally/ sexually … etc”.

Or, like others suggest here,  why not give your disappointing date the benefit of the doubt for a little longer – at least if they tick a good few of your boxes. Sometimes it’s hard to make a good impression when you’re a little nervous, so why not give your date the chance to relax a bit while you take a bit more time to check them out. You never know, that might make the difference between yet another cut-and-run date and one that has a chance to develop and last the distance.