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Helen Rice tells Happiful Magazine how her own ups & downs in love inspired her to become a relationship therapist and creator of BLC. And why she believes that ‘being love curious’ is the best way to deal with every relationship difficulty.

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Helen Rice MA MSc MBACP & Counselling Directory Therapist

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I think Curiosity is the bedrock of relationship therapy, to be honest. People are individuals with unique personal histories, values, beliefs, behaviours and emotional responses, so one-size-fits-all advice is very unlikely to lead to the kind of life-changing results our approach offers.

‘Being curious’ creates a sense of openness. It allows for an enquiry that’s free of judgement and this can help shift people’s understanding of themselves and others.

Ultimately, being ‘love curious’ helps clients to reveal new possibilities for their love life, sex and intimate relationships that are 100% relevant to them. When a client is coming from a self-discovered context, it’s more natural and far easier to put into action any new thought patterns or behaviours that emerge from the therapy than anything that could be offered as advice or ‘a fix’.

We want all our clients to feel able to speak openly, experience being listened to and understood, have more clarity about their goals and end each session enthused by what’s possible for them.