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You’ve had enough of the ‘looks good on the surface’ kind of relationship, and now it’s time to aim for a deeper, longer lasting love, connection & partnership

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Find My Path To Love’ is a 6-session programme designed to help you to focus in on what’s not working in your love life and why. In these sessions you will access useful personal insights, simple techniques and tools to help you to date more effectively and ultimately attract a relationship that’s more deeply satisfying than ever before.

Check out the programme outline below.

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How Can I Find My Path to Love?

You can learn a lot of techniques when it comes to dating – what to write in your online profile and which App to use, how to flirt, whether or not to text or call, what to wear and where to meet. There really are lots of Dating Do’s & Don’ts!

And if you apply yourself to some of them, you’ll probably go on a lot more dates and maybe even start a new relationship or two. But, as you’re here we’re guessing that ‘a lot more dates’ isn’t quite what you’re looking for.

Perhaps you’ve already had a few relationships that haven’t been right for you, or maybe an important one that ended. Either way, you’ve noticed that something is missing for you, maybe you feel a bit stuck, or have a sense that time and opportunity is passing you by.

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“We accept the love we think we deserve” 

Stephen Chbosky

At BeLoveCurious, we know the key to creating a deeply intimate relationship, begins with you. Through guided sessions we will help you to discover the uniquely personal limiting beliefs you hold about your ability to attract and sustain a deeply committed relationship, and to make the inner shifts and little practical changes that will set you on the path to true love.

Think about it – behind the perfectly written profile, artfully posed photos, and on-trend wardrobe if you still don’t believe you’re attractive or fun enough, it won’t take long for your date to notice the insecurity flickering in your eyes. Whether or not they find this quality attractive is a moot point – it’s just not who you really are, it’s not much fun and not at all a great starting point for real intimacy!

‘Find My Path to Love’ Programme Outline

‘Find My Path To Love’ is a semi-structured programme of six, one hour conversations with a BeLoveCurious Relationship Therapist.

Designed to help you to focus in on what’s not working in your love life and why., in these sessions you will access useful personal insights, simple techniques and tools to help you to date more effectively and ultimately attract a relationship that’s more deeply satisfying than ever before.

Session 1Getting to Know YouA therapist-led session in which you tell us all about your love life story so far – where you’re at, where you want to be & what you think is stopping you from having the love life you want.
Session 2Conversations that Matter Over the next 3 sessions we’ll be curious together about the things that are important in your unique love life story so far. At least some of the following inquiries might help us get to the heart of the matter, but we’ll only go there if it’s meaningful to you …
We might be curious about … the disempowering opinions you hold about yourself, about other people, about life & relationships that hold you back from fully expressing your love;
Session 3Conversations that MatterWe might be curious about … the key people and events in your past; from families & friendships, to the relationship heroes and zeros in your love life so far, and the qualities you most (and least) desire;
Session 4Conversations that MatterWe might be curious … about the strategies you use (knowingly and otherwise) to protect your heart, and the sex & relationship rules you subscribe to that help and hinder you in finding your perfect match.
Session 5Making Sense of My Story Reflecting on all the information and insight gathered in your sessions so far, and what we’ve learned about the thoughts, behaviours and patterns that have been keeping you love-stuck, we can start to make sense of your story and begin to think about the kinds of changes that will transform your love life naturally and for good.
Session 6Planning My Path to LoveBy the time you reach Session 6, it’s likely that you’ll already have lots of your own ideas about the kinds of changes you can make – and these will seem fresh, exciting & fun! We’ll help you to clarify your relationship goals and some simple steps to take you forward on your new route to love. Putting these steps into practice, the experience of dating will feel quite different to how it did before. You’ll begin to filter out the experiences you don’t want from those you do, date more effectively by avoiding the wrong-for-you types, and effortlessly attracting the ones who are.
More Sessions Keeping It Up!Sadly, we can’t promise that your ‘one true love’ will arrive on your doorstep by express delivery. Personal development and relationships need to be worked at after all. To keep you on the right path, your BeLoveCurious therapist will stay by your side for as long as you like, as and when you need them. They’ll help you to stay committed to finding the lasting love you deserve, support you as you put new strategies into practice, and help you go beyond your uniquely personal barriers to loving and being loved.
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