Life Beyond Lockdown

Learning to cope with lockdown was challenging for most people, so shouldn’t we also expect some difficulty in reconnecting with life beyond?

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Life Beyond Lockdown is a 6-session programme designed to help you deal with the impact of lockdown on your life & relationships. In these sessions you will access personal insights, simple techniques and tools to help you to identify what’s at the core of the difficulty and how to move forward, feeling more positive, resilient & motivated about the future. Suitable for Couples & Individual clients aged 18+

Check out the programme outline below

Why is this post-lockdown phase so challenging?

The easing of lockdown brings opportunities to have close (even if socially distanced) contact with family members again, to socialise with friends, take trips away and play sports. For many people there’s also a welcome return to work. For others, such freedoms may be neither welcome or yet possible. Either way, there are still risks to calculate and mitigate.

Navigating new circumstances and relationships may throw up concerns we never experienced before, or intensify already existing issues. In couple relationships, pre-pandemic difficulties may have been put aside to team-up on the immediate priorities, while for others minor irritations have been magnified under the pressure of spending so much time together (or apart). In all scenarios, we can be left thinking – so where and how do I / we go now?

There’s also much uncertainty still about the science behind the decisions to ease out of the crisis, and sudden changes in public policy such as localised lockdowns and shifting rules on travel and quarantine to come to terms with. All of this can give rise to general feelings of anxiety and concern about what might come next.

Alongside this, arguably, there’s more stress now as the demands placed on us to ‘be normal again’ have increased – especially if we compare ourselves to others when we’re not feeling as robust and resilient as we think we ought to be.

So the return to ‘normal life’ is presenting myriad challenges which affect people’s mental health, well-being and relationships. Although these times are unprecedented, the kinds of difficulties people are facing are not uncommon to counsellors and relationship therapists:

Anxiety & fear of uncertainty
Changing roles & responsibilities in family life
Coping with redundancy & loss of valued work/career
Grief & loss
Depression & struggling with unwanted change
Emerging from isolation & re-establishing a social life
Looking after children
Re-evaluating a relationship – more together/ more apart
BeLoveCurious: Life Beyond Lockdown (2020)
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We can help you adapt to your ‘New Normal’

Like it or not, there literally is no choice but to move forward and through this period as best we can.  

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Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of human freedoms – to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way

Viktor E. Frankl

Positively, there’s a vast amount of advice around to help people to manage their particular fears, anxieties and circumstances day-to-day, and it’s well worth seeing what’s out there. Ideas range from staying connected with loved ones, eating well, creating new routines, practicing mindfulness and taking exercise – (all much the same as when we were going into lockdown). More recent advice includes wearing headphones to cancel out annoying noise and counting strategies to help regulate breathing when wearing a face mask.

Tips can only take us so far though in learning to cope with the longer term impacts of this crisis – be it anxiety, depression, grief & loss, challenging relationships, depression or social anxiety.

In conversations with a BeLoveCurious Relationship Therapist you can talk through what’s worrying you or causing disruption in your life. With our support you’ll start to find clear and effective ways to deal with the circumstances as they are, in ways that actually work for you. This will leave you feeling more empowered and resilient in the face of the inevitable uncertainties that life brings.

‘Life Beyond Lockdown’ Programme Outline

Suitable for Couples & Individual clients aged 18+

Couples can request to have individual sessions as part of/ in addition to these sessions.

Getting to Know You

Session 1
You’ll begin by getting clear about how the pandemic & lockdown has affected you and your life & relationship(s). Start by telling your therapist where you’re at, where you want to be & what you think the barriers are to moving forward positively.
If you’ve already had a trial session, we’ll focus here on an extra ‘Conversation that Matters’.
Conversations that Matter

Session 2
Sessions 2-4 We’ll stay focused on the main problem(s) identified in Session 1. 
We’ll look at how your core beliefs are shaping your response to these challenging circumstances, and consider the strategies you’re using to deal with things right now. Are you seeking/avoiding intimacy, trying to control things, keeping others happy or showing just how much you care? We’ll think about what’s working and what’s not and look at opportunities to go beyond them
We may be curious about about other aspects of life too… 
Session 3We might be curious about what’s changed for you – the hopes, dreams and ideas about the expected future that have been affected by Covid-19; your relationships, rules and ideas about families, roles and responsibilities; or if you’re single how dating norms have changed once again!
Session 4We might be curious about … The bigger questions too. About life and mortality; grief and loss; the past/present/future and how you see your ability to change or influence things
Making Sense of My Story

Session 5
Reflecting on conversations so far, we’ll consider the thoughts, behaviours and patterns that have been impacting your response to the pandemic. As we make sense of your story, it becomes possible to work out what’s helpful and what’s not, leaving you free to create your own approach to the ‘new normal’
What Now?

Session 6
By the time you reach Session 6, it’s likely that you’ll already have lots of your own ideas about the kinds of changes you can make. Being more in control of your own destiny will, we believe, leave you feeling more positive, resilient & motivated about the future – whatever it brings.
We’ll help you to clarify what’s important to you going forward, and offer some simple steps to coach you in committing to actions aligned with this
Keeping It Up!

Additional Sessions 
Your BeLoveCurious therapist will stay by your side for as long as you like, as and when you need them. In additional sessions they can help you to stay focused on what’s important and support you as you put new strategies into practice, to help you go beyond your uniquely personal barriers and respond with resilience and effectiveness whatever the uncertain future brings your way
BeLoveCurious: Life Beyond Lockdown (2020)

If you’re still unsure, why not book in for a 60 minute Introductory Session so we can consider together if this service is right for you?

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