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  • What is this crazy little thing called love?
    Being in love is one of the most thrilling, life-affirming experiences we can ever hope to have. But what exactly is this thing called love?
  • Why curiosity is your key to finding love
    Why is it that some people find it so easy to date, be flirty, attract the ‘right’ kind of guy or girl, or have a love life that really works for them – and yet for you it’s never quite so straightforward?
  • 10 reasons to ask for lessons in love
    When it comes to finding love and sustaining our most important relationships, people generally seem to leave their love life success or failure almost completely to chance.
  • Love in Springtime
    Springtime is here and so is the mating mood. This is a time to appreciate the transience and beauty of life and the perfect time to realise the limitless possibilities for finding new romantic love.
  • Sowing seeds of love
    Like the container that holds my seedlings, and the sun and water they need to grow, so also is the constant support a therapist can offer a client.
  • He just doesn’t get me
    Effective communication is at the heart of every great relationship. Yet, there are genuine differences in communication styles of men & women, and good reasons for them.
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