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BeLoveCurious Therapists have specific qualifications and training in Relationship Therapy and hundreds of hours experience working with clients on love, sex and relationship matters.

Qualifications aside, we’re all here because of our passion for helping people to have great relationships and a fulfilling love life

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We’re all Registered Members of the British Association of Counselling & Psychotherapy (BACP). Everyone is also qualified in at least one other therapeutic and/or coaching discipline, and we continue to follow our own personal development paths.

Helen Rice Relationship Therapist for BeLoveCurious love life coaching


MA MSc MBACP Relate-Certified

Helen is a highly experienced relationship therapist, counsellor and Executive Coach. She is also the Founder of BeLoveCurious and has a private therapy practice in Poole, Dorset & London.

Helen takes a collaborative and highly personalised approach to helping clients make sense of their own unique love life story, to reach – even exceed – their goals, quickly, with ease and for good.

Many people come to see me thinking that having a great love life is unattainable. And it’s not that long ago I thought the same. In my thirties, finding myself unwillingly single and stuck, I started to wonder why I wasn’t able to establish a good relationship. I began my own personal development journey, and here I am. My love life – and life itself – has really transformed since then. I passionately believe that anyone can do the same if that’s what they want. And it’s truly wonderful to see clients who have been a long-time single or stuck in an unsatisfactory relationship, discovering that they too can do something both natural and exciting to change that!

Belovecurious therapist - Annabel


 MA MBACP Relate-Certified

Annabel is a highly experienced relationship therapist . She is a qualified counselling supervisor and has trained in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT).

Since qualifying as a counsellor in 1994, she has worked in a variety of settings, including as an NHS service manager. Annabel is now in private practice in Yorkshire.

Despite all my best efforts and success in important areas of my life, personal relationships were my own ‘Achilles heel’. I couldn’t seem to break free of the destructive model of unhealthy relationships that I had grown-up with. I wish I’d known years ago what I now know about relationships. That’s why I’m so passionate about using my skills and knowledge to help others to have the successful, satisfying relationships they deserve.


MA MBACP(Accred) AFT Relate-Certified

Armele is an experienced relationship therapist and counsellor. She specialises in digital counselling and has additionally trained in offering trauma counselling & EMDR.

She has worked as a counsellor within the NHS and Relate and is now in private practice in England’s beautiful North East.

We all exist in relationship with others, at home and at work, and the health of these relationships affects our wellbeing, for good or bad. I support people to invest in themselves and upgrade their relationships so they can be happier and get the most out of life.


MA MBACP Relate Certified

Jayne is an experienced relationship therapist and counsellor . She integrates a variety of approaches in her work, from traditional therapeutic frameworks, to NLP & hypnotherapy. Jayne is also a Reiki and Anusha Master, offering a spiritual dimension to her practice. She has a private practice in Hertfordshire.

As human beings we often repeat old patterns of behaviour that no longer serve us. It’s my passion and privilege to help clients to really consider their beliefs and ask whether these are helping or limiting life choices. They can then choose to keep, change or leave them behind and create new space for outstanding relationships!


MA MBACP Relate Certified

Ruth is an experienced relationship therapist and counsellor. She is also a qualified art therapist and a teacher. She has a private practice in Leeds, West Yorkshire.

Unfulfilled and unhappy in her romantic relationships in her twenties, Ruth herself sought professional help. She says “I’m certain that had I not spent time looking at this with a professional, I would have ended the relationship with the wonderful man who’s been my husband for over 20 years – simply because he was so different to the men I was usually attracted to!

Enabling clients to look carefully at the thoughts they have about themselves and others can have an incredibly positive impact on their relationships and so many other areas of life. In fact, just making little changes in the way we think is sometimes all it takes to bring about big changes in how we approach life and relationships.

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