How much does it cost?

Some might say that having a great relationship is priceless. But here’s a straightforward guide to how much it costs to BeLoveCurious with us

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Discounted Trial Session*

1 x 60 minute session – £50

Book your first session as a 60 minute stand-alone session, where we can start to get to know each other and work out if BeLoveCurious is right for you. *First session only. For individuals & couples aged 18+

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Find My Path to Love

6 x 1 hour sessions @ £75 each

OR Pay-Per-Session @£80

What’s stopping you from finding and sustaining a loving relationship? These sessions will leave you with some fresh and exciting ideas about how to have the love life you’ve always dreamed of. Why? Because you deserve it! For single clients aged 18+

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Revive My Relationship

6 x 1 hour sessions @ £75 each

OR Pay-Per-Session @£80

What’s your current relationship challenge?Whatever it is, these sessions will help you to explore what’s working, what’s not & what you can do about it. For individuals & couples aged 18+

BeLovecurious - Let's Talk About Sex

Let’s Talk About Sex

6 x 1 hour sessions @ £75 each

OR Pay-Per-Session @£80

What’s not working in your sex life? Just having the opportunity to talk about this tricky topic with a professional will boost your sexual confidence & help you to share what’s important to you with your partner. For individuals & couples aged 18+

Life Beyond Lockdown

6 x 1 hour sessions @ £75 each

OR Pay-Per-Session @£80

How has lockdown and the reality of living through a pandemic affected you? These sessions will allow you to really explore your feelings about it and consider the impact on you and your relationships. Understanding what’s so can help you to see how to move forward and leave you feeling more positive, resilient & motivated about the future. For individuals & couples aged 18+

Follow On Sessions

Follow on sessions are available to all clients who have completed one of the six session programmes @£70 per session any time you want. We’ll be at your side, being curious & cheering you on for as long as you need!

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