sad enamoured girl with Valentine blues draws a heart on the window in the rain. February 14, 2017

5 Ways to Vanquish the Valentine Blues

It’s Valentine’s Day and thus quite unavoidable that you’ll spend the day surrounded by images of hearts and flowers and ‘Dinner for Two’ offers wherever you go.  And if you’re like many people, you may be finding this year’s annual outpouring of love and romance already just a little much to bear.

You don’t even have to be single to be thinking Please don’t mention the ‘V’ word!

Whether you fear the looming dread of spending Valentine’s alone, see it as a cosmic sign of forever-on-the-shelf singledom, or you simply scorn the commercial enticements to prove your love – despair not. BeLoveCurious has five top tips to help you to vanquish the Valentine blues.

 1.SSpread your love

Whether you have a great Valentine’s Day or not will probably have very little to do with whether you have a date or receive a card from a mystery admirer – it’s more a question of what you choose the day to mean. If you tell yourself that being single on Valentine’s means you have failed in love, then you’ll inevitably feel down in the dumps and quite alone. Why not wear your heart on your sleeve and be the one to spread a little love instead? Spend quality time with family or friends or make it a day for doing a few random (or planned) acts of kindness. Whatever you do, if you’re willing to put yourself out there for others, you can’t fail to end the day feeling totally loved up and connected.

2. Value yourself

There is something worse than not having a date on Valentine’s Day. That’s being on a date with someone you’re not interested in! And it’ll feel especially yucky if you’re only doing it for the kudos or to feel better about yourself. Rather than seeking validation this Valentine’s why not value yourself and your time and do something you want to do? It really does pay to be choosy (even on Valentine’s!).

3. Follow the fun!

Sometimes it pays to break the rules and overturn convention. Single or coupled-up, why not find out where your nearest anti-V day party is happening and go have a different kind of fun! You never know who you might meet!

4. Take time to reflect

Since the day is supposed to be all about love, why not put your lovelife under the spot light today? It’s fair to say that few people actually stop to give serious (yes we mean serious) consideration to their lovelife. Not just those endless discussions with your mates about what’s wrong, but taking a good reflective look at what you want and being honest about why your current approach to love isn’t working. Write a few lists of ‘Wants’ & Not Wants’ or start a journal – you might be surprised what you discover about yourself!

5. Have a Duvet Day

Despite its historical and spiritual origins, (it is after all named after Saint Valentine), in reality there is nothing about this day that makes it any different to the ones that come before or after it – unless you say so. Erase the date from your calendar or hide under the duvet if you must, but remember that tomorrow is the 15th . Another no-different day re-named Singles Awareness Day – and another 24 hours for you to be you, single and proud.