Love in Springtime

Today signals the beginning of Spring – longer daylight hours and the return to life from Winter’s dormancy. Of course this day only represents a moment in time of the continuing cycle of days and months and seasons. There is no precise stop-start in nature nor an absolute signal that’s it’s time for new love to blossom. But there’s also no denying that – for  many of us – the movement and growth all around and the beauty of bursting buds and birds in song  gives us renewed energy and a stirring of endless possibilities when it comes to finding new romantic love or re-kindling the old.

Love in Springtime
Image by Pexels from Pixabay

Why Do Birds Sing?

Let poets piece prismatic words,
Give me the jewelled joy of birds!
What ecstasy moves them to sing?
Is it the lyric glee of Spring,
The dewy rapture of the rose?
Is it the worship born in those Who are of Nature’s self a part,
The adoration of the heart?
Is it the mating mood in them
That makes each crystal note a gem?
Oh mocking bird and nightingale,
Oh mavis, lark and robin – hail!
Tell me what perfect passion glows
In your inspired arpeggios?
A thrush is thrilling as I write Its obligato of delight;
And in its fervour, as in mine,
I fathom tenderness divine,
And pity those of earthy ear Who cannot hear.
Let poets pattern pretty words:
For lovely largesse – bless you, Birds!

Robert William Service

If the mating mood is upon you, so why not take this moment in time – this ephemeral coming of Spring, to be present to the transience of life. Your time is now, so don’t hesitate to do what you need to do to have the lovelife you want to have. Winter will be here before you know it so revel, rejoice and allow your perfect passion to glow while you can!