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Why do I always choose unavailable men? December 3, 2015 Cute unavailable guy, unavailable menCaught up in yet another unpredictable, off-on relationship with a younger guy, Sophie asked BeLoveCurious to help her understand why she always managed to date unavailable men. Realising these relationships offered her a sense of security balanced with the freedom and excitement she was secretly craving, she eventually chose to follow her dreams and go ... READ MORE

Dating after divorce December 1, 2015 Dating after divorceSingle mum, successful lawyer Sarah, now in her late 30s tells how dating after divorce was daunting. After just 6 sessions with BLC Coach Helen, she discovered that dating could be exciting not just a chore – she posted a profile online, went on her first date in 15 years and now feels confident to ... READ MORE

Pretending to love Mr Perfect November 11, 2015 Everyone was telling Maria how lucky she was to be dating such a wonderful guy. Even though she tended to agree, there was just something missing. Confused about her feelings and desperate to ‘do the right thing’, she got curious about her situation and found the courage to end the relationship and continue the search ... READ MORE