7 Ways to Coach Yourself to Confidence: Saga Online

This Saga Magazine article by Jane Murphy offers tips from several life coaches designed to help you coach yourself to confidence.

In the online article “Are you your own worst critic?” Jayne says the average woman criticises herself at least eight times a day!

BeLoveCurious Founder & relationship therapist Helen Rice offers her suggestion to push your boundaries and take on a small challenge every day. She says by ‘facing the fear and doing it anyway’, you will really start to transform your negative confidence habit. Starting with a small daily challenge such as smiling at a stranger, or making a phone call you’ve been avoiding, will help you gather some positive experiences.

It is this positive reinforcement – done again and again – that will eventually help you shush your own critical inner voice. After a short time you’ll find your challenges will have to get bigger as your confidence naturally grows!