attractive young woman with long hair talks to relationship coach

Forget that there’s not enough time, that life’s too complicated, that work or the children or the dog’s needs come first. Having a great love life is way too important for that!  And, with BeLoveCurious, it’s never been easier to have relationship counselling and lovelife coaching with a relationship therapist in a way that works for your life. Here’s how …

  • Book, pay for and schedule all your sessions in one go online
  • Choose a regular appointment time from 8am to 8pm, 7 days a week – or book as and when you need some support
  • Talk to your BLC Relationship Therapist online from the comfort of your own home  – or workplace, parked up in your car, or even from abroad, if that works for you
  • Couples can arrange sessions with the two of you in different places
  • Reschedule or cancel appointments easily – all we ask is you give us at least 24 hours notice. 


We love using Skype for our online sessions and our customers do too. We think the experience is almost exactly the same as being in the same room as your BLC Relationship Therapist. Connecting couldn’t be easier and calls are free if you remain within your broadband usage limits. We’ll prompt you for your Skype name if you make a booking for a Skype appointment and your Therapist will send you a request to link up shortly before your appointment time.

“We found the Skype method convenient and not in anyway a barrier to meaningful communication between couple and therapist” Engaged couple, Brighton



If you would like to arrange face-to-face sessions with one of our expert therapists, just give us a call on 01202 948728 or email using the Enquiry Form, including your name, a contact telephone number, who you would like to see and when you are available for sessions. Please note that face-to-face services are only available in locations offered by the individual therapist and availability may vary from those shown. Fees for face-to-face services may also vary from those advertised and are available on request. Payment for a minimum of six sessions will need to be made through BeLoveCurious once the arrangement for face-to-face sessions has been agreed.


BeLoveCurious sessions are scheduled in hourly blocks of time (i.e. for 60 minutes). At least 50 minutes of each session block is made available for the coaching conversation, with the remaining time allocated for commencing and ending the session. All sessions will start and end promptly at the designated times. As such both parties are requested to be available to start the session approximately 1-2 minutes before the scheduled start so the session can commence on time.


All payments for sessions must be made in advance. Details will be supplied on confirmation of your appointment. On receipt of payment, you will receive email confirmation of your appointment time with your chosen therapist, and step-by-step instructions for accessing your the session.

Rescheduling or cancellations

If you wish to reschedule or cancel your appointment you need to contact BeLoveCurious at least 24 hours in advance of the appointment time – during working hours – to secure a full refund or transfer of payment to the next appointment. Late cancellations or missed appointments will not be refunded. Please notify us via the confirmation email we will send you on making the booking or via the Enquiry Form online. For further details on how to cancel or reschedule your appointment please refer to our Cancellation Policy which is part of our Terms & Conditions of Service.