Helen is a highly experienced relationship therapist, counsellor and personal development coach (MA MSc MBACP Relate Certified). Helen has a private practice and works in London & Poole, Dorset. She is the Founder of BeLoveCurious.com and loves working with individuals & couples to help them create a lovelife they love!

Helen has coached and counselled individuals and couples since 2006 and loves using her skills and insight to empower others to have great relationships.

Having been single for over ten years, Helen chose to embark on her own process of personal development. Exploring a wide variety of coaching styles and therapeutic disciplines, philosophical ideas and psychology, she discovered new ways to harness her own capacity for change and began to realise significant shifts in her personal and professional life. Today, she has a great relationship with husband David.

Helen created BeLoveCurious.com as a result of her passion to encourage others to explore what’s in the way of achieving their relationship goals and to take the actions that will help to achieve them. She  says “I truly believe anyone can have a fulfilling love life, but I know that for many people the very idea seems unattainable. That’s why it’s so wonderful when the penny drops and a client sees how and why their familiar patterns of thinking, feeling and acting are keeping them single, or stuck in an unworkable relationship. I champion anyone who feels resigned, despairing or simply ‘hopeful’ about their current love life to begin actively creating a future they will love”.

Helen shares her time between London & Poole, Dorset. She is available through BeLoveCurious for online sessions. Face-to-face appointments can be arranged in London & Poole.